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Achieve professional knowledge of the latest AI tools, including ChatGPT and Bing AI, and become the profile all companies need. Program certified by Founderz and Microsoft.
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Achieve professional knowledge of the latest AI tools, including ChatGPT and Bing AI, and become the profile all companies need. Program certified by Founderz and Microsoft.
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Module 1
Introduction to AI: What to expect

The tech world is on a journey to the Era of AI. Explore how AI pioneers will become the profiles that companies will soon demand.

Module 2
Prompt Engineering: Bing AI & ChatGPT

Become a master of Bing AI and ChatGPT, the tools that are transforming AI as we know it, and apply them across all business sectors.

Module 3
AI and Art: Generating images, music & videos

AI and art come together to create innovative images, music and video in mere minutes. Unleash your creativity with your own masterpieces.

Module 4
Ethics in Artificial Intelligence

Discover how AI will shape our ethical landscape and the principles that will define this new reality.

Module 5
Corporate opportunities for AIs

AI is unlocking boundless opportunities in the corporate world. Get familiar with them and lead the next industrial revolution.

Module 6
Automating processes & businesses using AI

Learn to automate tasks with AI and optimize the time and costs of any business process.

Module 7
Building conversational AIs with No-Code platforms

Developing conversational AIs without being a programmer is now a reality. Discover how to create and implement it in any field.

Module 8
Building advanced AIs with low-code: Text & Speech

Create your own text, speech and sentiment analysis tools with cutting-edge low-code technology. No programming expertise required.

Module 9
Building web and mobile apps with no-code tools & AI

Unlock the power to create in days what used to take weeks. Develop your own website, web app, or mobile app with AI and no-code tools.

Module 10
AI Data Visualization: PowerBI & dashboards

Manage and visualize vast amounts of data with AI and tools like PowerBI that will transform the way you work.

"It is an honor for Microsoft to collaborate on this program, contributing our expertise in innovation and technologies like AI, machine learning, and low-code/no-code…”
Enrique Ruiz, Chief Employability Officer, Microsoft Spain
Why this Program?
Boost Your Professional Profile
Become the professional companies already need: Prompt Engineer, AI Creative, AI Analyst, and more.
Dual Certification from Founderz and Microsoft
Obtain a dual certification endorsed by Founderz and Microsoft, as well as access to the official Microsoft PL-900 certification.
International Community
Join our Unstoppable Community with a presence in 20 countries. Over 9,000 students and counting!
Discover a New Way of Learning
Choose a collaborative program enriched with Forum discussions, online live events, short videos from AI leaders, and more.
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Get Certified in AI with Microsoft
Official PL-900 certificate and Founderz Business&AI certificate
Our instructors
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professionals of the program
Pau Garcia-Milà
CoFounder y CEO en Founderz
Anna Cejudo
CoFounder and CPO at Founderz
David Carmona
General Manager, AI and Innovation at Microsoft
Mihaela Vorvoreanu
Director of Education for Aether, Microsoft's initiative for AI Ethics
Ester de Nicolás
Strategic Missions and Technologies Director at Microsoft
José María Caffarena
Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft
Matías Cordero
Technical Specialist and Innovation Champ at Microsoft
Andres Espinosa
Professor, Babson College and Academic Director MAII
Helen Wall
LinkedIn [in]structor for Power BI
Michael Downey
Full Stack Engineer at On The Stage
Ahmad Alokush
Founder at Ahmadeus Technology Boutique
Greg Loughnane
Generative AI Product Advocate, Educator
Csilla Brimer
Co-Founder at Willenrimer
Nathan Vandy
Head of Legal, WACEO Brussels
Matt Millen
Co-Founder at Willenrimer
Shahzia Holtom
Global Head of Applied AI at Microsoft
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Frequently Asked Questions
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If I sign up today, when can I start?

For programs with Open Enrollment, you can start today!

If you choose one of our pre-enrollment programs, you can begin on the starting date listed on each program's page. Please note that the date is not mandatory: from that moment forward, you can choose when to start.

What time commitment do the programs require?

Our Programs are designed to take 3 to 5 hours a week, which can be distributed the way students prefer (e.g., 30 minutes a day). This includes watching video classes and weekly live events, as well as interacting with the community.

Our students take an average of 2 to 4 months to complete our programs and get the certification. However, you will have unlimited access to all the content for 18 months from enrollment.

Is there a minimum level of studies or previous knowledge?

No. Our programs are designed for all levels. In fact, one of the key components of our collaborative methodology is that we can all learn from each other, including people with a fairly different level of previous education.

Is there a final certification?

Yes, all programs come with a final certification from Founderz and a leading partner company in the industry. Once you complete the program, you can download and export the certificate to LinkedIn. Some programs even offer dual certification.

Are there plans for companies?

Yes. We have specific plans for companies.

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