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Boost Your Professional Profile
Learn at your own pace in the most in-demand skills for the coming years and become the professional companies already need.
Get Certified by Industry Leading Companies
All of our programs come with certification endorsed by Founderz and sector-leading companies such as Microsoft.
Learn Alongside an International Community
Being a Founderz student is not just a title, it is an attitude. Join our unstoppable community, present in over 20 countries.
Discover a New Way of Learning
The teacher talks; student listens model is a thing of the past. Learn through short videos from top instructors, debates, live events & more.
Our instructors
Discover some of the professionals with whom you are going to learn
Helen Wall
LinkedIn [in]structor for Power BI
Mihaela Vorvoreanu
Director of Education for Aether, Microsoft's AI Ethics
Nathan Vandy
Head of Legal, WACEO Brussels
David Carmona
General Manager AI at Microsoft
Jesus Riera
Strategy and Ops Associate en Linkedin
Shahzia Holtom
Head of Applied AI at Microsoft
Ester de Nicolás
Strategic Missions and Technologies at Microsoft
What our students say…

"Highly recommend this course for any type of profile. A 2 to 3-month course that teaches us how to automate processes and elevate company performance to a whole new level! It's the world's most comprehensive Master's in Artificial Intelligence, take note."

Ignacio Herrero
Online Program in AI & Innovation student

"I'm extremely motivated by the content and the ultra-innovative platform they've developed, ranging from a learning assistant powered by a ChatGPT 4 intelligence engine to meetings in virtual classrooms in the Metaverse."

Carlos Daniel Zelada
Online Program in AI & Innovation student

“It's been a while since I've been so excited to study again. The momentum building up in Founderz is epic.”

Javi Cutanda
Online Program in AI & Innovation student

“Being part of this program gives me access to a Discord group with all the other students, and it's MIND-BLOWING! The community inside is so collaborative. Just by observing what they discuss and share, I'm learning so much.”

Tatiana Lara
Online Program in AI & Innovation student

“I'll tell you something, given the price you've set, I wasn't expecting something like this.”

Simon Ponce
Online Program in AI & Innovation student

“The caliber of the instructors is truly outstanding. Once I finish the AI one, I'm starting the other courses you offer.”

Enrique Cano
Online Program in AI & Innovation student
#Online and At Your Pace
Learn from anywhere and anytime with a 100% online and flexible program.
#Short Video Lessons
Learn from industry professionals with 5 to 15-minute videos. Access all lessons for 18 months from enrollment.
#Lifetime Access to the Community
Enhance your knowledge with online events, masterclasses, and Forum debates.
#No Exams
Progress through the program by watching the lessons, sharing hands-on exercises and interacting with your peers.
Frequently Asked Questions
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If I sign up today, when can I start?

For programs with Open Enrollment, you can start today!

If you choose one of our pre-enrollment programs, you can begin on the starting date listed on each program's page. Please note that the date is not mandatory: from that moment forward, you can choose when to start.

What time commitment do the programs require?

Our Programs are designed to take 3 to 5 hours a week, which can be distributed the way students prefer (e.g., 30 minutes a day). This includes watching video classes and weekly live events, as well as interacting with the community.

Our students take an average of 2 to 4 months to complete our programs and get the certification. However, you will have unlimited access to all the content for 18 months from enrollment.

Is there a minimum level of studies or previous knowledge?

No. Our programs are designed for all levels. In fact, one of the key components of our collaborative methodology is that we can all learn from each other, including people with a fairly different level of previous education.

Is there a final certification?

Yes, all programs come with a final certification from Founderz and a leading partner company in the industry. Once you complete the program, you can download and export the certificate to LinkedIn. Some programs even offer dual certification.

Are there plans for companies?

Yes. We have specific plans for companies.

If you are interested in implementing one of our programs in your company, please write to enterprises@founderz.com.

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